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A company supplying mining-related services and also obtained the dealerships for two very well known international brands.

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Founded in 2012, Maucal Mining & Mineral s is a South African-based, Level 2 BBBEE company committed to helping businesses redefine operations with access to innovation-led machinery, equipment, and servicing solutions that offer reliability, productivity, and profitability.


Wacker Neuson


Lighting Towers


Both the environment and the operator are protected during compaction work with the battery-powered rammer AS50e. Due to the entirely emission-free working principle, work can easily be carried out in poorly ventilated trench applications or in sensitive vicinities.


Thanks to a parallel guidance specifically developed for the rammer, the entire handle area of the battery-powered rammer AS50e is vibration-decoupled with low hand-arm vibrations (HAV) for the operator.

New generator sets

Concept for stationary applications. easy to install and quick connections. Modular and versatile design.

Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson can trace its roots back to 1848, when Johann Christian Wacker founded a blacksmith’s shop in the city of Dresden. In 1930, Wacker Neuson registered its first patent for an electric rammer designed to compact soil.


Today, as part of the global Wacker Neuson Group have over 400 patents and utility models and serve a highly diverse range of markets.

Himoinsa Engineering Solutions

Himoinsa’s main strength is being a vertical manufacturer and having full oversight of the production process. The company manufactures its own alternators, engines, canopies, silencers and control panels and it also has total control of the design of the gensets, assembling and metal treatment process of all the parts.

The high quality of the final product is achieved through the implementation of exhaustive inspections in the different phases of the production process.